Today there are many methods to bypass the filternet. This page is for those of us that are just trying to quickly and casually access filtered websites. Here at we've gathered 9 simple ways to defeat filternets. Most of these methods don't even require creating user accounts, entering credit card information, or any type of complex configuration.

1. Use https

Believe it or not, many types of filtering software do NOT support filtering SSL/TLS protected websites. Usually this is a result of a misconfiguration on the part of your system administrator that allows secure websites even if they would normally be filtered.

To use this method, just prepend "https://" in front of the blocked URL. For example, if is filtered replace "http://" with "https://" https access

2. Try using a caching service

There are many websites on the internet that just exist to create archives. These websites store cached copies of some (not all) web pages so they're not lost to history or server failure.

The Internet Archive is available at To use it, simply vist and enter a domain name or URL into the box and it'll show you archived versions of that website from hours, days, or even years ago.

Google Web Cache is another caching service. Most websites can be accessed by appending the URL to the end of it, like so: can be used just like but it's not run by the same group of volunteers as the Internet Archive.

The Coral Content Distribution Network was created to help prevent, or at least alleviate, what is known as the "Slashdot effect." The "Slashdot effect" or "Reddit Hug of Death" is when a server melts (i.e. stops responding to requests) after one of the web pages on it goes viral. To use it, simply suffix the domain name with ""

3. Automatic Translation services

Although machine translation isn't as good as hiring an interpreter or translator it gets better and better every year. There are a few big names in machine translation, with Google leading the pack.

One of the little known facts about web translation services is the ability to use them to bypass filternets. Just select to translate from a language that doesn't exist on the page (e.g. Bulgarian for a website written in English) to English or your native language.

4. RSS Aggregators

RSS is probably best known as a method to keep up with news or blogs. It can be used, however, to bypass filternets, too! Just fire up your favorite RSS Aggregator. One of the most popular RSS Aggregators was Google Reader but, alas, it was shutdown on July 1st 2013.

To use this method all you need is the URL of a filtered website's RSS feeds and an RSS Aggregator.

List of RSS Aggregators

Unfortunately, you will have to sign up for an account for these online RSS Aggregators.

5. Free WiFi

You might be able to leech off a free WiFi hotspot near you that isn't censored or filtered. If you live in an apartment building you probably have dozens of wireless networks around you. Most of these might be password protected, so you'll probably have to head to the nearest coffee shop.

6. Cell Networks

If your workplace or school filters internet access you might be able to get around it by using your cellphone's mobile network. This is only a temporary fix, however, as mobile data can get expensive very quickly.

7. Alternative URLs

Websites are often available on alternative URLs for convenience purposes. Sometimes, if you're lucky, misconfigured filtering software will not block alternative URLs. How do you find alternative URLs? Look for a website's mobile user interface, which is usually located on a separate sub-domain.

8. Formatting services

Many websites exist for the sole purpose of converting other websites to images, PDFs, or even Microsoft Word Documents. If you're behind a restrictive firewall, or filterent, these websites can be very valuable.

To find these services search for "convert website to PDF" or "screenshot websites" in your favorite search engine.

9. Use a web proxy

The easiest method to bypass the filternet is to use web proxies. Check out our own web proxy privacy list. also functions as its own web proxy, just visit our homepage.

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